Monday, 20 May 2024

‎BeMe: Teen Mental Health



I have had maybe 2-4 coaches but the best so far for me is Coach Vivien! I also love how when you done you can decide if you would want them again! But maybe keeping the chat a little longer since one day I was telling one of my coaches something and I stopped and they sent me the stuff but ended the chat after that. Now I know they have other people and real lives but maybe just a day or two and see if I don’t respond then maybe end the chat. And if I don’t respond for a few hours when they chat me they think I’m offline for a while and transfer me to a different coach. But it’s usually because I’m at school or I’m busy. I do now tell my coaches my usual schedule if I’m busy that day or if I suddenly get busy I tell them. So that helps. But I love this so much! It’s a great app for me! If you have mental problems or anything like that, please try this out!

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