Tuesday, 30 May 2023

EasyMeasure – Camera Ruler by Caramba App Development – more detailed information than App Store & Google Play by AppGrooves – Tools – 1 Similar Apps & 6,684 Reviews

I have tried to use this app for years, and I don’t get it!! It says to line up the baseline with the base of the line of the wall base. What is a baseline? I see a square with a bunch of arrows that move around on my screen. What am I supposed to be aiming at what? In the video it shows somebody standing with a phone at their eye level pointing down to the floor in the corner. But when I do that and only says my 22 foot room is only 6 feet long. What am I supposed to be aiming at? And what about the 2 feet distance behind me? How do you in that? If you put the phone against the wall you can’t push the stupid photo button! And you can’t see the screen to see your measurement because the phone is against the wall!

I try and measure my room with my phone at my nose, aiming at the floor, or the base of the wall, or the middle of the wall, or the ceiling in the wall, and I get somewhere between 19 feet and 23 feet, when I move backwards a couple of feet to try and get as close to the wall behind me, it says it’s now 16 feet. I watch the videos, I try to use this thing for years, and this thing is all over the place. Yes I calibrated it! Yes I said the lens height is 52. Yes I said the lens height is 6’2”. Yes I said the lens height is 6 feet. Yes I sent the lens height is 5 feet. Nothing I do no matter where I am it makes any sense? Don’t waste your blood pressure!



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