Tuesday, 30 May 2023


About FitSW

The all-in-one app for personal trainers, coaches, and gyms. Join a growing, global community of personal trainers and gyms that use FitSW to grow their fitness business every single day. FitSW is a fully integrated app for personal trainers and gyms. We bring together all the tools needed for fitness, health, and wellness professionals to run their businesses. Whether it’s through our suite of tools and features or the content that we provide, we truly care about being there for the community. This mentality reflects itself in our users. Whether it’s studio gyms, in-personal or online personal trainers, FitSW is powering fitness businesses worldwide. Our mobile apps are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, and Hebrew with more languages coming soon. Easily build fitness programs, assign them to one or many clients, track client progress, and more. Data-based personal training is easier then ever.

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