Tuesday, 30 May 2023

FitSW Reviews, Demo & Pricing – 2022

Complete and Affordable PT Software.

Has been a very useful tool to have whilst growing my business. To be able to adjust workouts and create custom templates that can be transferred between clients and tweaked has been very helpful. Would like to see some more slightly lesser known exercises added to the video demos, without having to film and add my own. Any issue that I’ve had so far have been responded to via support and addressed very swiftly. Have been recommending to anyone that had been asking about PT Software.


The software is very user friendly. Creating workout plans and daily tasks is very easy and efficient. My clients love that every exercise comes with a video demonstration, and I am able to attach detailed notes and descriptions to each exercise. Everything can be updated immediately. I offer my clients anytime adjustments so this is a very helpful feature to have. I like that I can see when a client has completed their workouts.


The nutrition side can be a bit overwhelming for clients. There are so many options for food items and sometimes the portion sizes are not in UK standard measurements, it would be nice to be able to select what measurement system to use. E. G. Metric/imperial. Have not really had a use for the tracking feature as it does feel slightly redundant as a PT who offers weekly feedback with the client.

Reasons for choosing FitSW

Customer reviews were very favourable. And the ease of use and completeness of the software attracted me to the software. I run my business from my phone so the app had to be quick and easy to use and make quick on the fly adjustments to clients training at short notice. The price is very good as well.

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