Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Goalist: Daily Planner, To-Do, by Anna Bujacz – more detailed information than App Store & Google Play by AppGrooves – Productivity – 10 Similar Apps & 1,209 Reviews

Dynamic Self-Adjusting To-Do List • Reminders • Scheduler • Daily Planner • Time Organizer • Time Usage Statistics • Goal Setting • Goal Monitoring • Goal Tracking • Arbitrary Data Logging • Sophisticated Alarms • Checklists • Widgets • 3 Types of Notes For Each Task • Recurrent Reminders

Have you realized that small tweaks don’t work in the long run? And that you need a radical change to see a radical improvement in your life? Goalist offers you a path that’s undeniably different.

It doesn’t merely remind you to do stuff – that’s simple and ineffective. It’s too easy to just postpone a reminder. You end up with a bunch of annoying to-dos…

Goalist helps you determine what to do and why and then provides flexible tools to plan and realize the plan. It helps you transform into a highly effective Time Management Master.

Unsuccessful people use lack of time as a good excuse. Successful people have the exact same amount of time as anyone. They just manage it well. And as a goal achiever you know you cannot manage it if you don’t measure it and plan in advance. Goalist allows you to create very detailed daily plans. And if anything changes Goalist adjusts the plan for you. It respects the unchangeable fact that a day has 24 hours. Unsuccessful people see taking the responsibility for each minute as too much burden. Successful people know it’s the only way to get the most out of every day.

If you’re diligent enough to create a complete plan every day, you’ll see 24 hours is actually a lot. Based on your schedules you’ll be able to generate and analyze useful stats, graphs and notifications. It will help you understand your current habits, set goals to improve them and stay motivated. You can monitor not only your time usage, but also other kinds of data that you put into a log.

Goalist is extremely flexible and has a plethora of features:
★ Personal organizer. Helps you manage time and daily life better.
★ Time tracker. You can assign tags and create graphs to look at your time usage from various angles.
★ Routine statistics. Analyze your distribution of time, detect time leaks, increase your productivity.
★ Personal notes. Each task can have unlimited notes.
★ Routine planner. Tasks can be grouped into Task Sets for fast & easy planning.
★ Reminders. Schedule activities that don’t fit in a routine: one-time activities or tasks with an arbitrary repetition cycle.
★ Checklists. Each task can have a list of things you don’t want to forget about when you perform it. Eg: a list of things you always want to take to the swimming pool.
★ Free planner – most functionality is available for free.
★ Timeboxing / time blocking
★ As your routine manager
★ As your task reminder
★ As your timetable planner
★ As your habit creation tool
★ As your productivity enhancer
★ As an agenda for routine tasks
★ Most powerful & customizable planner for Android. Features grouped into Modules.
★ Absolutely unique, life-changing approach to planning
★ Lets you specify your life values and goals, and group your tasks according to them or arbitrary categories.

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Unless you know a shortcut or trick – simply tune yourself week by week!

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