Monday, 30 Jan 2023

The best photo transfer apps in 2022 | MacDroid

Apps to transfer photos for iPhone

Chances are you have a lot of photos on your iPhone. This means not only will it take a long time to transfer them to your computer, but they’ll also take up a lot of space on your hard drive.

If you’re looking for apps to transfer photos for iPhone, or wondering how to transfer photos and apps from Android to Android, we’ve got a few suggestions below, as well as the pros and cons of each app and how to use them. We’d recommend clearing out your photos before you download any of these apps. That way you’ll only be transferring the photos you actually want.


AnyDroid is a comprehensive solution designed to help you transfer, manage, and back up your Android device’s files and data. You can export all or selected photos and albums to your computer with one click, or share your photos instantly

This software supports transfers from Android to computer and also lets you migrate data between Android phones and tablets. Besides covering Android devices, it also works with iOS devices so that you can easily switch from iPhone to Android.

AnyDroid - Alternative to Android File Transfer - has its own pros and cons.

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