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Top 9 Software to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC [Free & Paid]

Don’t you guys ever feel like there are so many photos stored in your iPhone that you don’t need in your daily life but are important as they recall your memories. Yes, this is where you need software for transferring Photos from iPhone to Computer. You can store and even backup those photos in your computer which will help you to free the large amount of space. Many apps and software has made our job of transferring photos so easy and convenient. Here, I will show you best app and software to transfer photos from iPhone to PC (iPhone 14 is now supported!).

Top 5 Free Software to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

There are so many free software that helps to transfer photos and even manage it. Some free software might have a specific time period for its usage after that you might have to buy or else it automatically terminates. So, I will also be showing you fee app for transferring photos from iPhone to computer.

1. Sync Photos from iPhone to PC Using iTunes

iTunes sync photos to pc
pic: sync photos to pc with itunes

iTunes is the first tool that comes to everyone’s mind for transferring photos from iPhone to PC. It is a free app that is very useful for every apple user. You just need to connect your iPhone with iTunes using USB cable, then click the “device icon” on the top bar > click “Photos” on the left side > Tick the box of “Sync Photos”, you can choose the albums you want to transfer.


  • It will overwrite the current photos on your computer.
  • If you use iCloud photos to share photos, then you won’t be able to sync photos through iTunes.

2. Download Photos from iPhone to Computer Using iCloud

how to transfer photos from iphone to computer with icloud library
pic: iCloud photo library

iCloud is a service provided by Apple which helps you to sync photos from iPhone to computer. Just download the iCloud on your computer and also enable iCloud on your iPhone (Go to Settings > your name > iCloud > Photos > turn on iCloud Photo Library).


All your photos will be saved directly from your iPhone to computer if you are connected over Wi-Fi. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi then the photos will be sync to computer the next time when it is connected to Wi-Fi.


There is only 5G free storage space on iCloud

3. Upload Photos from iPhone to Computer Using CopyTrans Photo

copytrans photo
pic: copytrans photo

CopyTrans Photo is a free and one of the popular software which helps to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, which offers two-way transfer. Simply drag and drop the photos from iPhone interface to the PC.


  • Supports all the iPhone from iPhone 4, iPhone 4s to iPhone 11/12/13.
  • Supports file format like JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA and PCX.
  • You can back-up all the photos at once or even individually.


It is available for only Window computer, not support Mac version.

4. Transfer Pictures from iPhone to PC By Simple Transfer

simple transfer
pic: simple transfer

Simple Transfer is free photo transferring app that works perfectly fine. It is simple and easy to use without any complex interface or function. It transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly, just connect directly to your local WiFi network.


  • This app has passcode protection features which helps you to lock the app.
  • Compatible with windows, mac as well as linux.
  • Export photos as JPEG or HEIC


  • It’s not completely free, only first 50 photos can be transferred for free.
  • Unable to transfer files to any external server.

5. Send Photos from iPhone to Computer By Photo Transfer App

photo transfer app
pic: photo transfer app

Photo Transfer App  is next free app that allows you to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. It transfer photos wirelessly. Simply drag & drop photos from your iPhone app to any folder on your PC.


  • No cables needed, just connect to your local Wi-Fi network.
  • Transfer photos in full resolution without quality loss also transfer photo file in RAW formats from iPhone to computer.
  • Preserves photo metadata in all transfer direction (EXIF information, location etc).


  • Some public Wi-Fi networks may not required for this application to work.
  • Only support Windows XP or later
  • Have to install the “Photo Transfer App” on your iPhone or iPad

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