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11 Free NES emulator apps for Android 2022 | Free apps for Android and iOS

11 Free NES emulator apps for Android 2022

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Game consoles have been available for quite a while. People who are currently over 25 years old, exactly had experience playing consoles. A lot of games that were popular on SNES, PlayStation, and Sega are still loved by a huge audience.

Some versions of them appear in new and modern technology, but unfortunately, they can lose their charm in the process of modernization. If you want to get the real sensation, it’s better to use emulators.

What is NES? NES is the Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s a gaming console that has become iconic for a lot of people. Unfortunately, it’s going to be hard enough to find that authentic console right now.

Now you can find emulators of any game console for all possible devices. Emulators are available for different platforms that are suitable for your smartphones or computers.

You will not need to install additional drivers or anything else – just download the application to your device. The emulator can give you even more functionality than the old console.

We offer you 11 best Android device emulator apps to help you play old but favorite games for NES.

Classic Emulator for NES

classic emulator for nesFor those people who are not used to using cheats while playing, the Classic Emulator will probably seem too boring. This application really doesn’t allow users to cheat as they go through the levels – everything is authentic! You will need to make an effort to achieve what you want in the game, and you can consider it your real achievement.

Classic Emulator contains many simulations of popular games that you may have already played as a child. It is worth noting that you choose the emulator. The obvious disadvantages of the application include the presence of a large number of ads.

For example, advertising banners or commercials appear every time you enter the application. In Classic Emulator you can also find not only the Nintendo Emulator but also Dendi and Sega. So if you’ve missed playing games on other consoles, you can also try them out.

classic emulator for nes1 classic emulator for nes2



super8plus8-bit games conquered a lot of teenagers and adults when they came out. Until now, their popularity remains, as there are fans of this genre.

Someone prefers to indulge in nostalgia and enjoy the memories of the game, someone just a fan of these graphics. Super8Plus is an emulator for games played on old consoles such as Nintendo or Dendi.

For easy gaming, you can adjust all the controls individually – the position of the buttons or the joystick – in the settings. You’ll be taken to the Games section as soon as you start – you only need to select what you really want to play.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to connect the real joystick control – even with extra wires. But you get the bright colors of games and quality graphics. We recommend running the application with internet access turned off – so you won’t see annoying ads.



Snes9x EX+

snes9x ex+The Snes9x EX+ is considered the best Super Nintendo emulator ever. It’s really well designed and built, so you’ll get a full immersion.

If necessary, you can even connect a gamepad for easy control in the game. There are no unnecessary details or features in the application – you’re left alone with your favorite games and your smartphone.

Since the Snes9x EX+ is open-source and constantly evolving, you shouldn’t expect an overly elaborate interface. The design of the app itself is dark and very simple – it’s enough for you to find the content you’re looking for in a short time.

For the comfortable and convenient operation of games, it is recommended to install Snes9x EX+ on Android devices, version 1.55 or higher. There are some difficulties in the games themselves, but for the most part, they are related to the control features.

snes9x ex+1 snes9x ex+2


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nostalgia.nesIn some cases, you do not want to play many games. For example, you already found a .nes file with your favorite game and now want to run it on your smartphone.

In that case, you’ll need a clean Nintendo Emulator without pre-installed games. Nostalgia.NES is a high-quality emulator that won’t burden you with extra applications and characters but has a user-friendly interface.

In Nostalgia.NES, you set up the game you want to play and start setting up the Emulator individually. All the controllers and buttons can be easily changed to suit your needs and desires, and you will play just like on a classic console.

The whole process in the game can be saved or you can take a screenshot of your achievements.

By the way, here is another interesting feature. If you have lost the battle in the game, you won’t need to start from the beginning – you just need to flush the game a few seconds ago and try again. React quickly and try to defeat all enemies.

nostalgia.nes1 nostalgia.nes2



mame4droidMAME4droid is a special emulator for arcade games, which are loved by many people. Originally MAME emulator was designed for personal computers and only later developed for mobile devices.

For this reason, the system requirements are quite high – MAME4droid runs on devices with 3 cores and requires the high performance of your smartphone.

If you own a powerful device, you will not have any problems with the installation of games and during the game. Each of them runs at full speed if it is compatible with the device.

In total, the MAME4droid supports more than 8,000 different games, so it’s best to search by name – otherwise, you risk a long time searching for what you need.

It should be noted that if the game is supported in 3D mode, there may be small bugs in graphics and speed – this is due to the fact that the original versions of the games were designed exclusively for the console.

mame4droid1 mame4droid2



superretro16Playing on different devices, you’ve thought more than once that it would be great to synchronize games with each other. For example, when you travel, you only use a smartphone, but at home, you prefer to play on a tablet.

In that case, SuperRetro16 can help you. Emulator allows you to synchronize all the game progress in the cloud on several devices, and you can continue what you already started.

SuperRetro16 does not include any games – you need to install ROM files on your smartphone. But the emulator will automatically detect all the games in your memory right away.

That way, you can launch them quickly and get started. For convenience, you can connect a gamepad – SuperRetro16 is well compatible – just like a mouse.

You can even play online with your friends or family. Simply connect your devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and you’ll be a team in the fight against monsters (or fight each other).

superretro161 superretro162



john nessHigh-quality rendering is one of the main requirements that users have for such applications. John NESS fits it perfectly – the original NES and SNES engine perfectly handles the image to be displayed on your screen.

In order to download the game, you will need your own files. By the way, the file itself can be in the form of a ZIP archive – the emulator can handle the unpacking and provide you with a ready-made game.

Like in many other emulators, John NESS has a fully customizable control layout and even a virtual keyboard. Unfortunately, the application is not compatible with all games – for example, Battletoads is not supported.

However, with other games, John NESS is fully optimized and allows you to enjoy the game in all its forms. You can rewind and reverse the story, go through your favorite levels, and use the Turbo Buttons.

Developers have recently added ads to the system – so you can sometimes see ads and videos, but usually, they won’t disturb the user.

john ness1 john ness2



retroarchThis application uses a special Libretro development interface. It allows you to create cross-platform applications that will use all possible functionality.

RetroArch immediately has a built-in collection of applications that you will need for fun. You can view all the data from the database for each game, as well as add them to individual collections.

You won’t immediately see the games you can play. For each of them, you will need to install a modular program – kernel. You will need to download them from the menu and only then proceed with the process.

Over 80 different kernels are built-in, but you can also add your own files. If you add something of your own, RetroArch will not steal your data or property. By the way, one of the features of the emulator – it has no push ads or other ads. Nothing will interrupt you during the game.



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SNESEmu Retro Emulator Game Classic Retro

snesemu retro emulatorSome emulators have problems with displaying game graphics. For example, you can pass through walls or floors of the building – although in the original version it was not possible.

SNESEmu also has some problems with graphics – but only in certain games. For the most part, you will not encounter such manifestations. You can add more of your favorite games on your own to resume the gameplay at any time.

SNESEmu has its own catalog of popular games, which is constantly updated. You can choose any of them and start playing as if you were in the past. Resume the game at any time – the main thing is to save it beforehand.

The SNESEmu application itself is still under active development, which may cause incompatibility with some files. But in case you are going to use only built-in games, you will not encounter any problems.

snesemu retro emulator1


Super FC Nes Games

super fc nes gamesYou might want to play some authentic games. Some of the most popular games in the ’80s and ’90s are scroll shooting games. Super FC Nes Games features just that, starting with Jamma’s very first arcade game.

Control in this emulator is presented as a kind of joystick on the screen. You control by clicking on the screen sensor, moving through mazes, or other locations in the game.

Super FC Nes Games works perfectly without Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. If you are hindered by ads or no longer want to watch ads, just turn off the internet and continue to pass the levels.

The control is quite convenient, despite all the small problems. Players can really feel in the past, defeating enemies.

There are not so many different games in Super FC Nes Games, but you can still enjoy your favorite games. Before installing the application, it’s best to check if your favorite game is on the list of installed games.

super fc nes games1


Retro Game Center

retro game centerDiscover all the classic games you couldn’t try out in the past. Here they’re all in one application, so you don’t have to buy each one separately. Retro Game Center has a whole database of games that you can search for.

For example, you can sort your games by rating or specific filters. The application has a built-in universal emulator – it can work with NES, Genesis, GG, and more.

Retro Game Center has more than 15,000 classic retro games in the palm of your hand. Filtering is based on game systems or genre, and you will see detailed information about the game – screenshots, descriptions, and other system requirements.

You can add your favorite games to your bookmarks and make whole lists. Retro Game Center – conditionally free emulator, but it has coins to run some games and a subscription. Coins can be earned by watching ads, so you don’t need to spend real money.

retro game center1 retro game center2


Old games are by no means bad or not interesting. On the contrary – some stories and characters in them deserve your attention like no other. Nintendo has long been an iconic console for all game lovers.

Now you can feel the nostalgia that comes with your Android device in your hand. We invite you to choose the best one we’ve presented to you. Of course, you can install another app at any time and consider it the best one. We have tried to tell you about the most outstanding NES emulators for smartphones.

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