Sunday, 25 Feb 2024

Commercial Bank | Treasury Bills


Treasury Bills are 100% risk free since they are issued by the government.

Market determined yield rates enabling you to receive the highest possible interest rates.

Treasury Bills are tradable in the secondary market providing you with instant liquidity by sale.

Treasury Bill is a transferable instrument, where your ownership can be transferred at any time by you. This makes it the safest and most liquid investment opportunity available in the country. Since you can discount the Treasury Bill at any time, it is almost like having cash in your hand.

You can make joint investments making Treasury Bills the ideal way to share wealth with loved ones.

All transactions will be by means of state-of-the-art scrip less security settlement systems and the fully automated Central Depository System (CDS).

Treasury Bills are issued at a discount and the face value is paid at maturity with interest paid up front.

You can buy Treasury Bills which are issued at three, six and twelve month maturity periods, either directly from Commercial Bank or from primary dealers.

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