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Free HTML Mortgage Calculator for Realtors: WordPress Blog Plugins & Add-In Apps

Hable Espanol. We offer a variety of advertisement-free mortgage calculation tools for real estate professionals. For our general mortgage calculator we coded it up with a number of different style and format options:

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Mortgage Caluculator.biz.

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If you are having trouble installing a calculator, please email for help. Alternatively, you can use a regular HTML link. The following code is set to open in a new window, so you keep your visitors on your website.

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Mortgage Calculator


What You Get…

Forever Free, Reliable & Trusted

Our website has been online since 2013. Over the years hundreds of thousands of customers have used our website and hundreds of real estate professionals have embedded our free calculators in their websites. Our uptime has exceeded 99.9% and exceeds that of most paid services.

The above calculators have been widely used by domestic and international Realtors, home manufacturers, home inspectors, lenders, loan brokers, and more.

Great Features & Flexibility

All of these calculators are ad-free & keep your visitors on your site to continue the real estate buying process.

In addition to being ad free, these calculators take advantage of Javascript / Jquery capabilities such that the results change on the fly without even needing to click the calculate button — changing between payment scenarios is lightning quick. Put these calculators on your MLS listing pages and homebuyers can calculate their monthly house payments quickly while looking at the property. Agents can take advantage of the mobile friendly design to estimate payments with home buyers on their cell phones without having to install any bulky apps.

Further, the larger calculators include a button in them which allows users to quickly view & print their loan amortization schedules — all without leaving your website.

Works Across Any CMS & Programming Language

The calculators install as an HTML inline frame (or iframe), so they will work with sites that use any sort of CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Typepad, MovableType, ExpressionEngine, custom CMS tools & smarty templating, etc.) & sites programmed in any web language (eg: PHP, ASP, ASPX, Coldfusion, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc.). The embed code includes set width and height settings that are easily adjustible if you want to modify the look and feel.


You can insert our calculator into your sidebar or footer by using the built in widget feature. One of the default widgets is Text, allowing you to paste in arbitrary HTML code like our above calculator options. Select your sidebar or footer area, select the text widget option & drop it into that menu, drop our above code into that widget, then click save.

The other option would be to embed it within an HTML page to make a page focsed specifically on offering the calculator. If you embed our calculator inside of a WordPress post or page, make sure to do either of the following:

  • when editing the page or post click on the “text” option (rather than the “visual” option) so you can paste HTML into it
  • disable the WordPress rich text editor
    (checkbox setting at yoursite.com/wp-admin/profile.php then hit save)

Real Estate Agent & Broker Friendly

Some widely known real estate listing aggregation sites like Zillow and Trulia offer free widgets which then link into their large portals, which then outrank REALTORS® in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Search on local search queries:

As an independent real estate agent, you most likely work in a relatively small area, whether it’s the little town you live in, or the San Antonio metro area, which is small relative to the country. But sites like Zillow and Trulia are accessible to anyone anywhere in the country, including those people who may be moving to your local area.

By including a backlink to its own listings in your city, Zillow is basically horning in on your local search action. And it’s not just the link itself, but the text that is linked, which is called anchor text. When this text is optimized, it helps to target specific searches. In this backlink, the optimized anchor text is: “Homes for sale in San Antonio,” meaning it’s meant to target people searching for that specific item with those specific words.

Our site’s content is strictly focused on helping people buy homes — we do not compete against local real estate agents by publishing geo-focused real estate listings.

We can’t, don’t & won’t try to push you down the search page unlike the big guys.

Search results pages for San Antonio real estate searches.

When one of Zillow’s sites like StreetEasy.com ranks, they try to shunt user attention away from the listing agents toward ads promoting a “Premiere Agent.” The reference to the listing agent is hidden using a number of dark patterns:

  • clicking on a “contact agent” button can redirect traffic to a different broker who paid for the placement rather than the listing agent
  • contacting the listing broker requires first clicking on a grayed-out button
  • the name of the listing broker appears near the bottom of the page, after many screens of data

In addition to the above sort of behavior, Zillow flips properties, which could ultimately have a further negative impact on REALTORS®:

Flipping homes, a model that’s being utilized by start-up Opendoor, is very different than operating an internet marketplace. It carries additional risk associated with buying and selling homes and requires a hefty investment in operations. And it also potentially puts Zillow in direct competition with the realtors on its platform.

International Friendly

While the full-page & extended calculators include United States (US) based defaults on PMI, taxes & closing costs, the basic calculator was designed to be friendly to all international markets. It does not contain any specific currency units or region-specific features, such that you don’t have to worry about US-specific charges in Canada or a Dollar symbol in the UK.

Security & Encryption Come Standard: HTTPS Implementation

Our site uses a Let’s Encyrpt security certificate to load our content in a secured manner. This means when you embed our widget codes in your site, they are embedded in a secured manner. Our widgets work in any HTTP or HTTPS website. And, more importantly, you keep your client’s information secured!

You’re in Great Company

Many REALTORS®, real estate brokers & home builders leverage our calculators to add functionality to their websites, helping them sell more homes.

Want More FREE Calculators? You’re In Luck


We also offer free refinance calculators & other mortgage calculation tools. We offer:

Easily Set Variables

If you would like to dynamically pass variables in our regular mortgage calculators, please see our free advanced calculation tools here.

If you find these free calculators helpful for building your business, please share our site with colleagues & on your social media channels. 🙂

Need Help?

If you would like us to change the loan term or any other setting in any of the calculators, contact us at the below email with your request & we can make a custom calculator for your website.

If you need help, please email & we will try our best to help you.

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