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How to put or change photo in 8 Ball Pool

Putting or changing photos in the 8 Ball Pool is possible in a few steps. The pool game from Miniclip Studio puts the player to face other users at online tables around the world. To represent your competitor in matches, the game uses your name and a photo, but there are some limitations on which image can be used. The title also offers a collection of predefined avatars that can be obtained through the game’s coins. Check, in the tutorial below, the step by step of how to put or change a photo in the profile of 8 Ball Pool for Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC.

It is not possible to use a file from your mobile gallery in 8 Ball Pool or send a photo from your PC directly to the game. However, the game allows you to log in with your Google Play Store or Facebook account. When you connect one of the accounts, the app will use your Google or Facebook profile picture as an avatar. The game also offers the option to log in with a Miniclip ID account, but only for old users, as currently there are only options to connect to Facebook and Google.

How to put or change photo in 8 Ball Pool
Step 1. If you want to use your Google Play or Facebook image and name, log in with these services on the game’s homepage;

Step 2. If you want to change your image in the game after logging in with one of the previous services, touch the photo in the upper left corner of the home screen;

Step 3. Touch the small pencil icon on the photo;

Step 4. Choose one of the avatars to buy with in-game coins and tap on it. Stay tuned because the purchase will be immediate, without confirmation;

Step 5. After purchasing the image, it will be used as your new avatar. If you buy more avatars and then decide to change between them, just click on “Use” below the desired one.

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