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Top 15 Best NES Emulator Apps For Android Device

Did you ever hear about NES Emulator? Well, NES Emulator is a system that helps you to play old days games in your Android device. The word NES stands for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a kind of iconic gaming console. The main task of this console is to make you eligible to play those classic games. However, if you are nostalgic, want to have the experience of playing those exotic games, you can install an NES app from PlayStore. Here, I have added some useful NES Emulator apps for Android that you can find for free to use and enjoy those classic games.

Best NES Emulator Apps for Android

I warn you about the useless apps on PlayStore. Before, there are thousands of NES Emulator apps there, and most of them are not good enough to give a try on. This is why having an idea before going for it is important. Here, you will find 15 NES Emulator apps for Android that will never disappoint you to enhance your experiences of playing classic games.

1. Snes9x Ex+

Snes9x Ex+, NES Emulator apps for AndroidIf you want to play SNES or Super Famicom console games on your Android device, then Snes9x Ex+ will be an ideal solution. It supports almost all the capable Android phones and tablets that are integrated with 1.0+ GHz processors. There are different versions of older phones. It is a very lightweight app and widely accessible to users. The app features manual integration of ROM and game files.

Important Features

  • It is a fully functional emulator with lots of premium features and completely free to use.

  • Users can save and transfer games in the internal storage and SD cards of choice.

  • The app offers game file browsing options for SD cards.

  • It supports .smc, sfc, zip, rar, and 7z formats as ROMs.

  • This emulator provides seamless in-game audio rendering and supports Bluetooth audio routing.


2. MAME4droid

MAME4droid, NES Emulator apps for AndroidMany Arcade games are fun to play, and MAME4droid allows playing classic games of MAME 0.139u l on Android devices. This emulator is free to use and supports a lot of useful features. It can provide near-perfect support and experience of playing the old arcade games. MAME4droid recommends at least a dual-core processor-based Android device for a smooth experience.

Important Features

  • It supports more than 8000 classic games ROMs of the MAME 0.139u l console.

  • It supports most of the old games as an emulator, and some titles might not run well.

  • Nvidia shield devices are fully supported and offer image smoothing fictions for better visual output.

  • It supports numerous game controllers that are USB and Bluetooth-based. 

  • This emulator offers high-quality audio and visual scaling with lots of customizable settings for compatible games.


3. John NESS

John NESSJohn NESS is the newest version of John SNES and John NES emulator apps for Android devices. It offers manual game integration and easy to operate app interface. The ROMs and game files are to be fetched by the users. It operates flawlessly with newer hardware, and it is compatible with Android 6.0+ or later. It features a pure NES and SNES engine. 

Important Features

  • This emulator offers top-notch in-game audio and visual rendering.

  • It provides fully customizable keys, profiles, and layouts.

  • Most of the Android-supported gamepads via Bluetooth/MOGA work perfectly.

  • It supports an On-screen keypad and advanced game search options for both internal and SD card storage.

  • Users can take gaming screenshots like carving a cake, and it also supports cheat codes.


4. Nostalgia NES

Nostalgia NESOne of the most popular and high-quality NES Emulator app for Android is Nostalgia NES. When you want to play the old days classic game in a new Android device, no other app will help you like this one.

This app is made with a modern and user-friendly interface that will always make you eligible to play your favorite games. But you should also know that this emulator app doesn’t contain any games. But you can use it to be eligible for those games.

Important Features

  • Auto Saving game progress and some of them can be saved via email.

  • In total, there are 8 manual slots for gaming progress.

  • Customizable virtual controller for a better experience.

  • WiFi controller mode is available.

  • You can use the pro version of this app to enjoy something more exclusive.


5. NES.emu

NES.emu, NES Emulator apps for AndroidWant to try a classic NES Emulator or Famicom console? You can try NES.emu. It is one of the most used advanced Famicom emulators that is made based on FCEUX 2.2.3-svn. While developing this app, the developers test it on almost all the latest phones, and every time it shows a satisfying result. However, you can play any of your favorite ROM-based video games using this useful Emulator.

Important Features

  • It has a stable backup memory and saving support.

  • Support any ROM-based games of different formats.

  • Famicom disk system emulation is available.

  • Let you enjoy playing games using additional Bluetooth, controller, and keyboard support.

  • You can use lots of customizable and predefined cheat files.


6. Panda NES – NES Emulator

Panda NESWant to go back to the 90s time and enjoy those classic games again? Then try Panda NES. It is another popular NES Emulator app for your Android device. You can be eligible to play those back-dated but classic games in your latest and modern Android device. However, you will be happy to use it because of its user-friendly interface and its responsiveness.

Important Features

  • There is a fast and efficient search engine to find games and functions.

  • It is made with highly appreciated and Simplistic UI.

  • Customizable keys and controller support are available.

  • Advanced touchscreen support is there for your better experience.

  • Provide a better and responsive gamepad and keyboard to have great gaming support.


7. Free NES Emulator

Free NES EmulatorYou can now use the classic console from Nintendo in your latest Android device. Use Free NES Emulator and enhance your gaming experience flawlessly. This useful app will let you be connected with the backdated gaming industry. So, you can play all your 80s favorite games on your new phone just using this app. There is a customizable control system, which is probably the best part of this app.

Important Features

  • There are lots of cheat files you can use to have a better gaming experience.

  • This fast and forward gaming emulator works with zipped ROM.

  • It is made with revamped and simplistic UI.

  • Supportive interface and responsive search engine.

  • It is affiliated with the Nintendo corporation.


8. Kings Nes: Emulator Classic Mini Edition

Kings NesIf you are looking for a cool NES emulator, this Kings NES must be a good option for you. This NES emulator has a very user-friendly interface. Everyone can easily understand all the systems. All the best games you can play with this NES emulator. There are also some customizable keys available in this NES emulator. Happy to know you can save your gameplay, and there is no fear of losing. 

Important Features

  • The emulator has some customizable keys.

  • It is very easy to save gameplay.

  • The emulator supports most of the common games. (Mini edition games, free games, arcade games, etc.)

  • Very responsive search engine.

  • Lots of cheat files are available.


9. CastNes- Chromecast game

CastNesAnother excellent news emulator is CastNes. This NES emulator app for Android can give you perfect control. The interface of the emulator is very simple. This NES emulator will run on any Android smartphone or tablet. It supports almost all nes games. Keep in mind this NES emulator doesn’t contain any game. You can search and download any NES file, and it will be added to the emulator automatically. You will experience a great gaming experience as the whole system of the emulator is very fast.

Important Features

  • The emulator has a very easy game-saving option.

  • Compatible with almost every NES game.

  • It provides a user-friendly interface.

  • An auto game saving and backup addition system are available.

  • Synchronization and responsive search engine.


10. RetroArch

RetroArch, NES Emulator apps for AndroidRetroArch is an exclusive designed gaming NES Emulator for Android. This app is made with a supportive UI and a powerful development interface. There is a powerful built-in collection that will help you to enjoy a one-stop-shop for more entertainment. This open-source and cross-platform app has control over different features of other applications and can scan files and directories to enhance your game system collection.

Important Features

  • Download and play exotic and classic games easily.

  • This app is Multiple languages supported.

  • There are over 80 programs and lots of cheat files available.

  • Sync that means saving files is there too.

  • Let you play different multiplayer games also.


11. SuperRetro16 (SNES Emulator)

SuperRetro16When you are talking about emulators, SuperRetro 16 is the name that must arise. You will have a full console experience using this emulator. The user interface of this emulator is excellent, which makes it easier to use. Using wifi or Bluetooth, you can build multiple networks.

There is another good advance, which is the turbo mode. The turbo mode will help you in playing fast-forward games. The emulator gives you another kind of fun with the integration of cheat codes.

Important Features

  • The emulator is compatible with the best games.

  • One of the fastest emulators having a supercooling system.

  • Enjoy around thousand cheat codes.

  • It supports native Android TV and Chromecast streaming.

  • Advance layout edition and turbo mode available.


12. NES Retro Emulator

NES Retro EmulatorAnother exciting Android NES Emulator is NES Retro Emulator. It is very popular that that helps them to play exotic games in their latest Android device. The emulation quality of this app is very satisfying, and it ensures the highest quality graphics. Even it allows you to connect with WiFi networks too. Moreover, when you play games with it, you will enjoy full control over the display and all the layouts.

Important Features

  • You can customize sound and layouts.

  • Synchronization and backup memory are available.

  • Wifi control and virtual controller are also there for you.

  • Customizable game screen layouts and display settings.


13. Super NES Emulator

Super NES EmulatorSuper NES Emulator is here for those gamers who are nostalgic and cannot get out of their childhood gaming addiction. Well, it is not a game to play, but it like a passport to play those games on your Android device. The tactics of using this app are very easy, and soon, you can fall in love with it because of its simplistic look and other exciting features.

Important Features

  • You can use it to play games on tv and Projectors besides using it on phones and tablets.

  • Fully customizable layout and display.

  • Synchronize your gaming progression, and backup memory are also there.

  • Lots of cheat files are available.

  • Quick and responsive search engine.


14. Super8Plus (NES Emulator)

Super8Plus (NES Emulator)Here is another great suggestion for you. Super8Plus is a supportive NES emulator app for Android with a user-friendly system. You don’t have to go through so much struggle playing games using this emulator. You will experience flawless gameplay as there is no spam ad to disturb you. There are different video modes, such as PAL (Europe)/ NTSC (Japan, US). You will get enough control as there is a customized layout of the game screen available. 

Important Features

  • It will be supported to android 5.0 or above.

  • A synchronization system is also available.

  • Compatible with the A+B button and turbo button.

  • Quicksave option with a double-tap.

  • You can add up to 4 players using a wifi controller.


15. SNES Emulator – super NES classic games

SNES EmulatorGet introduced to another superb NES emulator app for your Android device. This NES emulator is compatible with so many advanced features and an easy system. You can have total control over your gameplays and the system. There is no risk of losing your game. You can save state and load state easily. Another good thing is you can search and affix ROM to the device. There are no ads to Interrupt your gaming.

Important Features

  • Easy and user-friendly system.

  • No ads are there to disturb you.

  • Easy synchronizing system to back up your game and save that.

  • Compatible with most of the classic games.

  • Responsive searching system.


Final Thought

These 15 NES Emulator apps for Android are not anyhow less performative than others. This can make you confused about which one to pick up. If you are so waiting for my recommendation, then I would like to suggest you try Snes9x Ex+, John NES, or Free NES Emulator. After studying different NES Emulators, these three apps come to me as the best.

However, it doesn’t mean that the other apps are not worthy of having our time. You can select any of these apps, and I guarantee it won’t disappoint you. Now, tell me if everything is clear to you. Also, let me know if you have anything to ask about this matter. If you choose any app from this list, please share feedback with us. Thank you for your support.

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